Frequently Asked Questions

What does include the Desktop License?

When you purchase a desktop license, this includes installation for 1 – 3 users, in a single location, within a single company. This license is for print work, logo creation, We also include PDF embedding within this license, but this does not cover embedded self-hosting web or app use. Desktop licenses are available for more users than 3, and with multiple locations.

What does include the Web and App License?

A Web license is a one-off fee, per website, for one domain. The license is not transferable between different websites. The Web license can’t be utilized on desktop computers, in that case you must purchase both licenses.

Do printers or external collaborators require licences?

We do allow delivery of the font within Indesign packages to printers / suppliers only for production reasons but they must not extract the font for use on other projects. External collaborators working on a particular project with our typefaces, outside of the location require a further licence also.

Why your fonts are only Opentype?

OpenType is the only format that is cross-platform compatible. As well as this, other considerations such as support for character sets, languages and typographic features.

Do you offer custom versions of your typefaces?

Yes, we are able to create bespoke typefaces or custom modifications. Please contact as at to propose us your enquire.

I am a student, I am graduating, I am new to the business, your fonts are expensive, can I get a discount?

Unless you are working for a registered charity or for a charitable cause which is underfunded, we can’t offer any support.

I have purchased and downloaded the wrong fonts, can I please get a refund?

All sales are final and we do not offer refunds for mistakes made by the buyer or purchaser. Before you proceed with final payment, please ensure you are purchasing the correct items and type of licence.

Do you charge VAT?

For all products and licenses we currently charge VAT at a rate of 22% to all eligible countries within the EU. If your company operates within the EU and has a registered tax ID, you may enter your VAT number to avoid the charge. We do not charge VAT on non-VAT applicable items.

Can you send me an invoice?

We automatically produce an invoice every single transaction is processed. To receive your invoice, please contact us at

I would like to pay via bank transfer, is this possible?

Yes! We do also accept bank transfer payments. This process does take a little longer as it is manually managed. Please contact us to begin this process.

If you have questions which are not listed in the section above, please inquire by email. We usually respond within 24 hours.